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  • 海信集团召开2016年度经营工作会议


    1月27日,集团集团召开2016年度经营工作会议。刘洪新总裁做了主题为《主动变革创新拓展产业空间提高规模效益》的工作报告。 刘总对部分干部中出现的思想懈怠、偏离定位、执行力差助长下滑以及放松了过程管理两个主要问题进行了深入剖析。同时,紧紧围绕主动变革创新、突出高端产品、优化客户结构、拓展产品空间、力拓国际市场、提高规模效益的经营方针对2016年的工作

  • Hinsense Broadband is to hold a workshop in Santa Clara


    Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technologies Co., Ltd is to hold a workshop on March 25 at Hilton Santa Clara. Named as “To Build a Successful Photonics Business”, this workshop is to enhance the communication and collaboration in the optical industry between US and China. The business strategies for the next generation networks, as well as the technology trend of the fixed and wireless networks will be discussed. The latest data center, access, silicon photonics, and 5G wireless technologies will be addressed.

  • Hisense Broadband introduces new product for 2017 OFC


    Hisense Broadband Inc. recently introduced its 100G EPON transceiver for access, 200G QSFP-DD 100m and 100G PSM4 QSFP28 transceiver for Datacom. These new products will be demonstrated at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) at the Los Angeles Convention Center from March 21 to 23 at Hisense Broadband's booth #3339. As a technical leader in the passive optical access network market, Hisense has made a breakthrough of 100G EPON transceivers, which accelerates the standardization of 10